Three Years cover
released July 12th, 2011
Three Years is The World At Large’s third EP. It’s comprised of tracks found on The World At Large EP and Punchdrunk in Rome as well as acoustic versions of songs from Grand Plans for Strange Things.

Andy P – drums
Alex Iannuzzi – bass on tracks 4 and 7
Dom Lorusso – guitar, saxophone, auxiliary percussion, vocals
Tim Chamberlain – guitar, bass on tracks 1 and 3, vocals

Recorded at TWAL Studios
Produced and mixed by The World At Large

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Wrong, Wrong, Wrong (3:30)
Isn’t It Funny? (4:10)
Northern Exposure (2:50)
Sand Castles (3:50)
One Day (4:40)
Living in a Dream (3:15)
Broke Down in Batsto (2:45)