The World At Large EP cover
released March 5th, 2009
The World At Large EP is the first release by The World At Large. The EP was recorded, mixed, and produced by the band. Shortly after Tim and Dom left their previous projects, the two got together to work on some material. This eventually morphed into a project called Golden Chutes. Andrew was brought on board to play drums to help flesh the material out. He decided to permanently join the group and it was shortly thereafter the name Golden Chutes was dropped in favor of The World At Large. With four finished songs under their belt, the band decided it was time to get some material out there for the world to hear. The World At Large EP contains lots of vocal harmonies, melodic guitar rifts, and driving percussion. The EP gained the attention of several blogs, including and WMMR’s local shots.

Andy P – drums
Dom Lorusso – guitar, vocals
Tim Chamberlain – guitar, bass, vocals

Recorded at TWAL Studios
Produced and mixed by The World At Large

Listen to The World At Large EP


1963 (4:55)
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong (3:30)
Northern Exposure (2:50)
Dear Miss Barkley (3:30)