preproduction, song snippets, and “grand plans for strange things” for free

on Jan.31, 2015, under Music, News

Hey everyone,

Preproduction of new material is in full swing. So what exactly is preproduction? We like to think of it as jamming on new riffs which turn into rough versions of new songs leading to more refined recordings which will eventually lead to what we lay down in the studio. It’s the creative process at its best. If you saw us when we were on “tour” (so we mostly played Philly but whatever, it was fun) for Grand Plans for Strange Things you most likely heard some of the new songs. We currently have enough material in the works for another full length though we’re not certain a new LP is on its way yet. We may do an EP in the meantime but may hold out for LP2. Maybe we’ll just drop some singles in the near future. We’ll be sure to make some noise once the new stuff is ready. For those of you curious here’s some snippets:


American Spirit


Grand Plans for Strange Things cover
In other news, if you haven’t grabbed a copy of Grand Plans for Strange Things yet, we’re offering it for name your own price aka free so please check it out over on bandcamp. The bandcamp download also includes three bonus tracks not found anywhere else.

We hope to have some new tracks ready for all to listen to soon. Keep an eye and ear out.